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    Address: No.5, XiXin Road, West Zone of ChengDu High-tech Industry Development District,
    Sichuan Province
    P.O.Box Number: 611731
    Tel Number: 86-028-87826113 86-13980672333 (24 Hours Service)
    Fax Number: 86-028-87826066
    Email: webmaster@schy.com.cn

    Sichuan HuiYuan Electric Power Optical Fiber Cable Co., Ltd
    Sichuan HuiYuan Optical Communication ShangHai Branch
    Sichuan HuiYuan Import & Export Co., Ltd
    ChengDu Joint Data Digital Co., Ltd
    Sichuan HuiYuan Network Security Technology Co., Ltd
    Sichuan HuiYuan Mobilel Communication Department
    Sichuan HuiYuan Optical Communication Information System Department

    Fiber-optic fiber optic cable
    The plastics fiber-optic
    The network safe series product
    The ADSL extension machine product

      huiyuan [2008-08-26 08:39:52]
    Sichuan Huiyuan Optical Communication Co., Ltd.